Canon Supplier CSR Guidelines

In accordance with our corporate philosophy of Kyosei –Living and working together for the common good– Canon seeks to contribute to the realization of a better society as a good corporate citizen.

The responsibilities that society expects corporations to undertake continue to change along with the times. In the field of business as well, with the advancement of globalization the demand from customers and business partners to deal with companies that meet certain criteria in terms of onsideration paid to the global environment and society is increasing.

Based on these demands, in May 2017, Canon established the Canon Group CSR Basic Statement with the aim of explaining to stakeholders in an easy-to-understand manner the Group’s attitude toward fundamental and universal elements of corporate social responsibility.

In our Requests to Suppliers up to this point, we have asked our suppliers to cooperate with us in our procurement activities as members of our global supply chain. Following the establishment of the above Basic Statement, we have compiled Canon's approach towards procurement activities in our global supply chain in the form of these new Canon Supplier CSR Guidelines.

Canon hopes that you will understand the intent of these Guidelines and will cooperate in the promotion of sustainable procurement activities.

We also ask that you request to your suppliers that they, too, understand these Guidelines and put them into practice.