Canon supply chain management closely coordinates development, production, sales and after-sales service, ensuring that products, services and solutions are delivered to customers around the world in a timely manner.

PhotoPlus 2018, one of North America’s largest photography and imaging events

The launch event for a strategic production printer in Mexico

Working to strengthen relationships with top dealers at a national dealer summit


Canon U.S.A. oversees operations in North, Central and South America. In recent years, the company has strengthened its customer-oriented marketing and reinforced its digital marketing, including the design of user-friendly e-commerce sites and enhancing the efficiency of after-marketing activities.
In the office equipment business, Canon U.S.A. is promoting a regional management system in which operations in the Americas are divided into four regions. The company also holds national dealer summits to reinforce relationships with top dealers.
In addition, an organizational structure is being implemented with the aim of creating new innovations. New businesses can be developed while strengthening research and development.

The Canon booth at Photokina 2018

B2B and B2C products can be tested at the Customer Experience Centre in Paris

B2B products including commercial printers are displayed at the Customer Experience Centre near Zurich


Canon Europe oversees business in the EMEA region—Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Operating in approximately 120 countries and regions, Canon Europe is proposing new products and solutions tailored to customer needs while strengthening its sales network.
In 2018, the Group opened two Customer Experience Centres, one each in Switzerland and France, giving customers an opportunity to experience firsthand Canon’s products and solutions. At Photokina, one of the world’s leading photo and imaging expositions, a wide range of Canon products were on display, including the newly launched EOS R System.
Canon Europe is also expanding business activities in the Middle East and Africa, including the recent establishment of a local sales company in Saudi Arabia, where much economic growth is expected.

The first China International Import Expo

A newly opened Canon Business Imaging Solutions Lounge in India lets customers directly experience B2B products

The Canon PhotoMarathon photography event is held throughout Asia


The Canon Asia Marketing Group oversees operations in China, South Korea, South Asia and Southeast Asia. The Group’s B2B activities have focused on the sales of office multifunction devices (OMDs) and commercial printing presses, and the strengthening of the brand. Strategic, region-specific OMDs have been launched to expand business throughout the whole of Asia, particularly in the rapidly growing Indian market. At the China International Import Expo, held for the first time in 2018, products and solutions from such industries as business and healthcare were exhibited, reflecting the diverse strengths of the Canon Group.
In the B2C sphere, the Group built its own e-commerce website, which has led to an increase in market share.
In the Oceania region, Canon is strengthening its B2B offerings through proactive M&A.

Canon provides a full range of print solutions, from print process coordination to support

The Canon booth at the Security Show 2019

Canon proposes ways to enjoy photography through such activities as shooting sessions


The Canon Marketing Japan (Canon MJ) Group oversees marketing activities in Japan. Leveraging the strengths of the entire Canon Group, Canon MJ develops new businesses that integrate such core Canon technologies as imaging with IT solutions.
In 2018—the 50th anniversary of the Canon MJ Group—the Group’s corporate structure was reorganized into a customer-based framework that is more responsive to specific customer needs. In 2019, the year which Canon MJ has dubbed its "second founding," the Group will turn its attention to such growing industries as IT solutions, BPO services and industrial equipment while continuing to emphasize existing Canon brand businesses including cameras and office equipment. Going forward, the Canon MJ Group will strive to provide solutions to customer needs.

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